School Advisory Council

Members of School Advisory Council 2016-2017
  • Beth Newton  (Chair) (Parent Rep)
  • Sonja Bellefontaine (Parent Rep)
  • Gina Conrad (Community Rep)
  • Laura Melvin (Community Rep)
  • Dianne Lachowitz (Staff Rep)
  • Rosella D’Entremont (Staff Rep)
  • Stephanie Lockhart (non-voting)
  • Stacey Henwood (non-voting)

Meeting Dates 2016-2017

**All meetings are open to public and are held at 6:30 PM in the Library

Meeting Date                    Minutes

September 19th           September SAC 2016

October 24th

March 21, 2017              Minutes March 2017

April 10th                          Minutes April 21 2017

May 23rd

June 19th


General Objectives of School Advisory Councils